MicroView 2.1.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Several bugs in the Advanced ROI Tool have been fixed.

  • Memory leak - Adding points to the contour and changing the active slice no longer leak memory.
  • Interaction - Can delete points on all contours without having to add a new point. Consequently, points on interpolated frames are now deletable without first making the interpolated frame a key frame.

Fixed bug related to Cortical Analysis using incorrect stencil extent in Advanced Bone Application.

Fixed bug related to remembering last directory used in Plugins where users were unable to complete file operations if last directory was deleted.

Fixed bug where corrupted config.ini file would prevent the application from starting up.

Fixed bug preventing user from switching to pixel measurements when a calibrated image is opened.

Changed display of data in project spreadsheet view to show corresponding rows of a project together instead of just ordering rows from the top.

Fixed bug causing button status to not be updated correctly in Isosurface plugin.

Fixed bug causing balloon help text to appear in status bar incorrectly.

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